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The 43 biggest mistakes that bidders make in trying to win tenders

Author of the 2008 report ‘The 23 biggest mistakes that bidders make’, David Harrison shared his updated version ‘The 43 biggest mistakes that bidders make’ for the first time at MD2MD’s meeting of business leaders in March.

Following 23 years working for multi-national contractors in the Construction Industry, holding positions from commercial manager to senior vice president and developing a successful track record and a passion for growing businesses, David now shares his experience and knowledge through speaking and consulting.

He believes the common mistakes fall into 7 categories.

  1. Competitive advantage
  2. Relationships
  3. Process and planning
  4. Understanding
  5. Tactics
  6. Evidence
  7. Writing and presentation

Having sat on both sides of the tendering process, David was able to give first-hand experience of where bidders had failed.

He gave examples of how a bidder could research, prepare and evaluate tenders before submitting, but emphasized the importance of relationships throughout the whole process from initial contact (at time of expressing an interest), to interview and who were the right people to put in front of an interview panel.

David’s insight into the world of tendering has provoked a number of leaders to review their current processes, not only for tenders but also other areas of the business where these practices can be applied.

A free version of the report ‘The 43 biggest mistakes that bidders make’ can be downloaded fromhttp://www.winthatcontract.com