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If we were an animal or bird, what would we be? A different use!

One of the questions Phil Jesson suggested in his session for the local Managing Directors’ group was If we were an animal or bird, what would we be? Being slightly innovative I used this seemingly strange question for a slightly different purpose with a client where I am non executive director this month with fascinating results.

I was keen to understand the perceptions of the staff and asked them a series of structured questions about their own company.  Most of the questions were conventional, but I decided at the last minute to include this one.  In this case asking staff about their own company rather than asking a customer as Phil had intended.

Anyway the results were interesting.  As you always find, some staff have a lot to say and many were very cautious.  This question was great though – It levelled the playing field and encouraged even the most quiet and timid of staff to express their views clearly and with feeling!

A great question – I recommend you try it!