For anyone with a big presentation to do, here are some pointers to useful resources.

Nick Oulton spoke for MD2MD on his ‘campaign against audience abuse’. His own site is full of tips about the theory of presentations and how to put together a brilliant Powerpoint presentation.

Chris Davidson focused more on the way in which you communicate and gives loads of speaking and presentation tips on his site here.

Andrew Thorp of MojoLife spoke about the power of storytelling. I shared an example he gave us here and he shared a blog post with us here.

And Michael Dodd dealt for us with the challenging related situation of handling tough questions. He gave us a blog post on taking the sweat out of your presentation here shares his thoughts onhandling tough questioning on his blog here.

And finally, on the assumption you are presenting to win a bid, why not look at David Harrison‘s thoughts on the 43 biggest mistakes people make when bidding for tenders.