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I always used to believe decisiveness to be a good attribute for a business leader … and I guess I still do … normally.  It can be very confusing and demoralising for staff to be left in a vacuum. I do though nowadays recognise that there are times when it is right to take time about a decision for good

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Six steps summarised from the Harvard Business Review.  Full article here Pursue what you love Do the hardest work first Practice intensely, without interruption for short periods of no longer than 90 minutes and then take a break Seek expert feedback, in intermittent doses Take regular renewal breaks Ritualize practice

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Entrepreneurial ambition & growthLeading behaviours

I have just updated my LinkedIn profile to show my 100 year goal. A rather strange timescale you might think, but there IS a logic! Let me explain! This 100 year goal idea was put to me at an MD2MD meeting a few years ago. And of course the idea is that we won’t be here then, so in reality

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Mike Clare went from 1 store selling beds, to the largest retailer of beds in the UK with 250 Dreams Superstores.  At the MD2MD LeaderFest conference for business leaders and directors in September, he shared his philosophy for success based on the 4 P’s: Perseverance – If you really believe in, and are committed to what you are doing, don’t give up – even when it

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What are Unwritten Ground Rules? What do they have to do with Corporate Culture? That was my reaction; now I understand I will look at every work place in a totally enlightened way. Steve Simpson, an international speaker from Australia, attended the October meeting for business leader’s group MD2MD and gave a fascinating insight into what could really be going on in

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Entrepreneurial ambition & growthOperations & QualityStaff & teams

An interesting side comment in the interview with Sir Clive Woodward was when he was asked about how, as coach, you deal with a captain, or indeed any player, who won’t listen and play to the coach’s strategy.  Again some interesting lessons on leadership for business leaders! Sir Clive admitted that he had run into difficulties with top players, brilliant

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