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Andy Edwards

Andy Edwards is a professional conference speaker, facilitator and trainer. He works with Organisations, the leaders of which want to understand themselves and their people better. His ‘Relationomics’ talks, seminars and workshops have found favour with audiences all over the world – and he counts among his clients some globally recognised brands.

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Relationships are important.  It is a basic human need to perceive an association with others – common denominators, similarities, ‘belonging’ and being part of the gang.  Relationships are the conduit through which connections are made, information flows – and ‘understanding’ prevails.  In fact, the extent to which appropriate information flows freely throughout an organisation is the extent to which nearly

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Why does my wife say this (headline) to me when I leave the house?  Well, for starters, I promise that her suggestion is not based on a past felonious misdemeanour!  But it is based on something I am likely to do which could upset someone else. Read on for why I will always heed her advice in this regard… I

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