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6 Of The Best Smartphone Apps For Managing Directors

Today’s executive directors are increasingly juggling more and more tasks. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to be more productive or manage your time more effectively? As you will often hear, there is indeed an app for that – in fact there are many! 

To help you be “an even better you”, here are six of the best smartphone apps for executive directors.


If you haven’t heard yet of Evernote, there’s a strong possibility you will know someone who has already downloaded this popular app. A powerful productivity tool, Evernote will help you capture all your thoughts in one place. Much more than a traditional text note-taking app, it allows you to attach photos, make audio recordings, add tags and even locations to your notes, before saving them all in notebook collections. The real beauty of Evernote, however, lies in its syncing system. Evernote links almost seamlessly with all your compatible devices, so that notes taken on your smartphone are immediately available and saved on your desktop. There is no need to sync and all notes are automatically updated. It’s an extremely useful app, and one that will transform the way you take notes and help you to remember important ideas.


Imagine not only never forgetting a name but also remembering every interaction you have ever had with someone you are going to take a business meeting with? Yes this is possible, thanks to Refresh! Refresh works by syncing together other services such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote or Gmail and provides you with the ability to not only review all your past interactions with this person, but also learn new information about them. Make your business meetings easier – use Refresh and always be in the know.

Evernote Scannable

Scannable is a fantastic free new app from Evernote. Fast and reliable, it will quickly scan documents, images and business cards and save them directly to your iCloud, camera reel or Evernote folders. It’s intelligent too – grant Scannable access to your calendar and it will offer to share any scanned items from your business meetings with listed attendees! It’s an app you can’t afford to be without, whether you have the full Evernote system or not.


Maintaining and maximising relationships is critical to successful business, but keeping in touch with the right people at the right time is no easy task. This is where Contactually steps in. By simply putting your contacts into assigned ‘buckets’ and asking you how often you want to follow up, Contactually will ensure that you are always in charge of your business relationships. Not only will it show you the last time you contacted each person, but it can automatically create follow-ups through email templates. It will also pull information from email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so you are always aware of not only when but how and where you interacted with each person, plus it gives you the opportunity to regularly share content.


If timesheets drain the life out of you but you need to track how much time you or your team are spending on various projects, Toggi may well be the app for you. A great time management aid, Toggi works equally well across team projects and freelance projects and will generate reports detailing how each project hour is being spent. Available offline as well as online, it integrates very well with other app programs.

CudaSign (previously SignNow)

How often has a document required your signature quickly and how easy has this been when you are away from the office? This app changes all of that. Used by over 40% of Fortune 1,000 companies to sign and manage contracts, CudaSign is becoming a must-have for business today. CudaSign opens files directly from sources such as email or Dropbox and allows you to upload PDFs, Word, or rich text documents that are in need of your signature. Once uploaded, simply sign the document with your finger or even a photograph, and then email the signed document back to its sender – it really is that easy.

Smartphone Apps are now crucial tools for conducting effective, efficient business and they’re the secret weapons of executive directors everywhere. Not only can they help you manage your time effectively and be more productive, but they’re essential to maintaining relationships in the social media age.

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